Part two of the interview with our teachers is here! Keep reading for an interesting discussion with teacher Chad – our native English speaker, coming from the USA.

Q: What was the primary source of inspiration that drew you towards becoming a teacher?

T. Chad: The intrinsic value of being able to see the progress and growth human beings have in learning a second language.

Q: Why did you choose to teach English?

T. Chad: As opposed to my previous profession, being an English teacher made me happier as a person.

Q: What do you think the moral and psychological values of a teacher should be?

T. Chad: A teacher is meant to hold the proper moral and psychological values of not only the culture in which they teach, but also the social construct of the world. Teachers are part of the infrastructure on which a student should be able to build strong morals and beliefs.

Q: What do you think the core skills to be a teacher consist of?

T. Chad: To start with, the ability to communicate effectively to any audience regardless of age. Also, the ability to break down complex structures of any subject in order to properly come up with the correct information to guide students along the morally path they should be taking.

Q: Do you still see yourself teaching in the distant future? Why?

T. Chad: As I learnt throughout all my years of teaching, one thought has always stayed with me: once a teacher, always a teacher. Though to answer your question directly, YES, because teaching is and always will be a pleasure.

Q: What’s the motivation that keeps up you passion for the English language?

T. Chad: I think my biggest motivation is…how to put it? Hmm… Let’s say this: no matter how old I get, there’s still something I don’t know about the English language (even though I’m a native speaker). That will make me continue learning it.

Q: Last question, a general curiosity: how did you end up in Romania?

T. Chad (laughing): OK. So, I wanted to go to Spain first. But not being a EU citizen, jobs were as good as non-existent for me. So I checked other countries and ended up in Romania. I found a school that needed a native speaker, got hired.

T. Laura (changed voice): Met Laura.

T. Chad: Yeah!

T. Laura: I remember I helped him get bus tickets. He still owes me a bar of chocolate for that.

T. Chad: I buy coffee almost daily for you.

T. Laura: OK, he doesn’t owe me anything. I’m just joking…

*general laughing*

Dear readers, that’s a wrap! It was a rollercoaster to interview our teachers, but we found some really cool and interesting things about them.

Cristian S.
(with help from teacher Laura, on the editing part)